Riken Piston Ring Oversize 75mm (+0.50mm) for KUBOTA D950 / V1200

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Engine Model: KUBOTA D950 / V1200
Size: Oversize 0.50
Piston Bore Size: 75.5mm
Ring Size: 75.5 x 2HK x 1.5 x 4
Manufacturer Part Number: 15271-21050, 15442-21050


Engine Model : KUBOTA D950 / V1200
Oem# : 15271-21050, 15442-2105
Piston Bore (mm) : 75.5 x 2HK x 1.5 x 4
Size : Oversize 0.50
Ring Size (mm) : 75.5mm
Applications : B7200D, B7200E, B7200HST-D, B7200HST-E, B8200D, B8200HST-D
Applications Cont. : B8200E, B8200HST-E, B1750D, B1750E, B1750HST-D, B1750HST-D
Package Include : 1 Complete Piston Ring set of 1 Cylinder
Brand : Riken Taiwan